Hello. My name is Alan Lawrenson and I'm the author of the book featured on this page. In early 2015 I wrote its predecessor "An ABC of Prostate Cancer in 2015". This latter book reached best-seller status in the urology category on Amazon and in Australian book stores. The new book as a 3rd Edition, is a far better product, is expected to comfortably out-sell its earlier variant, as did it's now discontinued 2nd Edition.

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April 2012. This started a very extensive research effort to find the treatment that would best suit my condition. In early 2013, I travelled to Seoul, South Korea to undertake treatment at the National Cancer Centre. They claim that their centre is "The Best Cancer Treatment Centre in the World".

    My treatment and the huge amount of  information that I gathered on prostate cancer culminated in me deciding to try to help other prostate cancer sufferers in the form of the three books that both tell of my personal journey and to provide guidance to newly-diagnosed prostate cancer sufferers, both from a diagnostics and treatment point of view.




  • It is very comprehensive. Its 462 pages are packed with essential           information.

  • It lists most of the questions that you need to get answered by your doctors.

  • It is easily understood by the average person, as it’s written by a layman for  laymen.

  • It includes a resources section which references the best available reviews of the various treatments for prostate cancer

  • All important statements in the book are cross-referenced to their scientific source.




“Alan’s book is extensively researched and is most comprehensive. He has become an expert on the topic of prostate cancer and he fully understands what he has written."

Dr L, a leading Australian urologist, said.


“As a prostate cancer sufferer, I found this 3rd edition of the book to be excellent and again completely up-to-date”;

Dr R, a nephrologist, said.


“Certainly, this book will help you and your loved ones, release the anxiety that you are experiencing and find hope for the future.”

Dr C, a radiation oncologist, said.


“It is a well-researched and easily-understood book that should be “essential reading” for any newly diagnosed prostate cancer sufferer and their family”.   

Dr B, who until recently, worked at the forefront of PSA diagnostics, said.




Alan Lawrenson, after tertiary studies, spent almost his entire working life in the commercial side of the science industry, marketing scientific and medical equipment and running the peak industry association for laboratory technology in Australia. He also served on a number of Australian Government-initiated reviews and committees.


His father died with prostate cancer aged 95; his brother has suffered from the same disease for more than 17 years. Alan was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012 and wasn't happy with the treatment options initially offered by his doctors. He termed the phrase "The Cancer Anxiety Factor" that afflicts all newly-diagnosed PCa patients.


A large motivation in his writing firstly "An ABC of Prostate Cancer in 2015"  and now "An ABC of Prostate Cancer Today - 3rd Edition" was to provides such men with a host of alternatives that might better suit their circumstances and to encourage them to take a more proactive role in 'managing' their condition.


Both books describe "My Journey over 4 Continents to find the Best Cure". The latest book provides comprehensive new material that is very important to advanced and metastatic sufferers. Alan expects it to become the best-selling prostate cancer book in the world in 2020.